Animal Crossing has become a place for weddings and graduations

Illustration by Kat Geddes (@portraitsofcorona IG)

Despite all the memes that characterize our generation as perpetually tired, introverted homebodies — COVID-19 has shown that we are at heart social animals, after all, longing to be together, and gathering on balconies and in Zoom hangouts. There is a powerful thread that draws us together during times of…

Uber’s response to the coronavirus is a matter of mobility justice

Piet Mondrian, 1942 — Broadway Boogie Woogie, via Wikimedia Commons

On Saturday afternoon, an Uber rider in Mexico City named Norma Sanchez got an unexpected alert through her app, notifying her that her account had been suspended. The message stated that Mexico’s Secretariat of Health (Secretaría de Salud) had contacted the company with information about a user “identified as a…

It’s hard to reflect on a year that wrapped up so unceremoniously, watching Peter Handke, a genocide apologist, receive the Nobel Prize for Literature from the prestigious Swedish Academy. Hanke, a man who famously befriended Slobodan Milosevic and even delivered a eulogy at his funeral, and claimed that Sarajevans had…

Dragana Kaurin

Human rights researcher and ethnographer. Writes about techy stuff, humanitarian innovation, forced displacement, and refugee rights. Nutella expert.

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